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Settecolli Clear. Report heats third day

Settecolli 2016

Fifty-eight heats and fifty-six presence-races in the third preliminary session of the 53rd Trofeo Settecolli/Clear International swimming. The races start with 200m-backstroke, eleven female and male heats. Jacopo Bietti obtains the best time with 2’00”22, ahead the Hungarian Adam Telegdy at only one hundredth of distance. Two hundredths divides Michele Malerba and Luca Mencarini, ranking third and forth with 2’00”32 and 2’00”34, respectively. The Canadian Kylie Masse, already winner in 50m with 27”82 and in 100m with 59”66, fixes the first time of the morning with 2’11”61, twenty-three hundredths ahead Margherita Panziera (2’11”84).
Piero Codia and Leonardo Vimercati race in 50m-butterfly, the unique Italian athletes among the first eight in the heats. Codia reaches the fourth time with 24”03 and Vimercati ranks eighth with 24”35. The Englishman Adam Berret is the first on the list with 23”83, the Hungarian Cseh ranks second with 23”94, and the Byelorussian Tsurkin ranks third with 23”96.
Same situation among the girls with the Italian Silvia Di Pietro and Elena Gemo, unique in the first eight ranks: Silvia is fourth with 26”46 and Elena is sixth with 27”11. Teresa Alshammar and Inge Dekker rank first and second with ten hundredths of distance: the Swedish and the Dutch reach the times of 25”82 and 25”92, respectively. The Dutch athlete doesn’t stop after a cervical cancer (the surgical operation was successful) and wants to obtain the pass to Rio 2016.
The Hungarian Daniel Gyurta, tenth in 100m and second in B final with 1’01”20, obtains the first time in 200m-breaststroke with 2’13”83, while Flavio Bizzarri ranks second with 2’13”05. This morning, the Japanese Kanako Watanabe, third in Friday 100m with 1’07”35 and second in Saturday 50m B final with 31”93, reaches the best time in 200m-butterfly with 2’25”26.
The record holder, Italian and European champion Luca Dotto ranks third in 100m-freestyle heat with 49”23. The best time is reached by the French Jeremy Stravius with 48”84, ranking fourth in the European final won by Dotto. The Italian swimmer won the Italian title with 48”40 on 19th April in Riccione, and two days after, he established the Italian record with 47”96 in the first session of 4x100m. On 20th May, he became European champion in London with 48”25. There Stravius swam in final with 48”53. Today, the Japanese Shinri Shioura is between them with 48”98.
Federica Pellegrini, World record holder since 29th July 2009 with 1’52”98, European and vice-World champion, reaches the second time in 200m-freestyle heat with 1’57”19 (57”22 at the passage of 100m) behind the Swedish Michelle Coleman who obtains the time of 1’56”93 (56”83) in the previous heat. Fede was silver in Kazan 2015 with 1’55”32 and gold in London 2016 with 1’55”93.
The 200m-medley race closes the morning competitions. Giovanni Sorriso with 2’01”61 and the Swiss Maria Ugolkova with 2’15”12 obtain the best times.
The competition will start again at 18:15 with the female 100m-freestyle Paralympics final, followed by the other races that will be pre-recorded broadcasted on Rai Sport 1 at 20:00.