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Sette Colli. International stars

Settecolli 2017

Our journey starts, discovering the International champions that will enlighten the 54th edition of Trofeo Settecolli, taking place from 23rd to 25th June. With the Italian swimmers, there will be foreign swimmers on blocks too, from Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Czech Republic, Canada, China, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Great Britain, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Kuwait, Luxembourg, Lithuania, Malta, Holland, New Zealand, Panama, Philippines, Russia, Spain, Switzerland, Slovakia, Sweden, South Africa, Ukraine, Usa and Vietnam. The British Adam Peaty and James Guy will be the protagonists at the Stadio del Nuoto in Rome.

20151106 GSca Peaty GBR DU01207121
Adam Peaty brought the breaststroke in an other dimension. He was born in Uttoxeter on 28 December 1994, at about 30 km from Derby where he trains (his trainer is the British ex athlete Melanie Marshall). It is said that when he was a child he feared water and his family didn’t have the car to drive him to swimming pool. Then all changed. In 2012, he debuts at Young European Championships in Anversa, reaching the final race in 200m-breaststroke. In 2014, he started to get medals at British National Championships and then at the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow. At the European Championships in Berlin 2014, he wins in 50m (fixing the world record in 26”62 in semi-final) and in 100m-breaststroke, in the medley relay and in 4x100m-medley. In April 2015 he shines in 100m-breaststroke with 57”92, becoming the first man to break the 58”. Three months later he conquers three gold medals at the World Championships in Kazan: in 50m-breaststroke (reaching the World record in semi-final with 26”42), in 100m-breaststroke and in 4x100m-medley. In 2016 he becomes the King of breaststroke at the Olympic Games in Rio. He wins in 100m-breaststroke: he breaks his World record swimming in 57”55 in the heats. He conquers the gold medal in final race breaking his record again reaching the time of 57”13. His 74-year-old grandmother is one of his most keen fan. Followed on Twitter by more then 6.300 followers, she always celebrate her grandson worthily. Instead Adam’s mother, Caroline, moved for the first time out of Britain to attend the races of her son.

20150804 AMas GUY James DSC 607711111
James Guy was born in Great Britain in 1995. He conquers his first important medal at World Championships in short course in Doha winning the silver medal in 400m-freestyle. He confirms his skill at the World Championships in Kazan. He wins two gold medals in 200m-freestyle and in 4x200m-freestyle relay and he wins the silver medal in 400m-freestyle. At the European in London 2016, he is on the highest step of podium winning the 4x100m-freestyle relay and the bronze medal in 4x100m-medley. At the Olympic Games in Rio 2016 he conquers two silver medals in 4x200m-freestyle relay and in 4x100m medley. He has meals of six thousands calories per day and he describes the afternoon “naps” as the best friends of swimmers. During summer he relaxes fishing.