58° Sette Colli. Flash Quotes. Day 2


Shown below the podium and flash quotes of the second day of the 58th edition of Sette Colli / International Swimming Trophy, taking place at the Swimming Stadium in Rome.

Women's 100m butterfly

1. Sjoestroem Sarah (SWE) 57"65: I did the same time today as I did before I broke my elbow. After yesterday's 50, I got a bit tired in the second 50 today, but I'm getting back into better shape for the big event.

2. Di Liddo Elena (ITA) 57"93: I did not expect to feel so much the warmth of the public, I think they also missed being able to cheer their idols. The preparation for Tokyo is going well: we have focused the whole season on that goal and I hope to give my best in a few weeks.

3. Bianchi Ilaria (ITA) 57"95: The second part of the season was marked by the Covid, it always seems like an excuse but it was a difficult three months. So I am very happy to be able to stay under 58". I'm not at the top but that's okay. I will look ahead and try to find my best form for next season.

Men's 200m butterfly

2. Burdisso Federico (ITA) 1'55"72: I didn't have a good feeling in water, but that's okay because I'm working hard for Tokyo. Competing with champions like Le Clos and Milak is always an honour, as well as being useful in view of international appointments. After the Olympics I would like to go back to the United States.

3. Le Clos Chad (ES) 1'55"95: I'm very satisfied with the race and hearing all the warmth and cheering of the crowd always gives me an extra boost. Especially here in Rome, I feel at home and I get excited every time I compete in this pool. 

Women's 100m backstroke

1. Toussaint Kira (NED) 59"23: It was important today to get back under a minute, it was a bit of redemption compared to the European Championships in Budapest. I struggled to find my rhythm in the first few metres, but then I felt good again at the turn. I'm training for Tokyo, the goal will be to get into the final. Then I will play to win.

3. Panziera Margherita (ITA) 1'00"05: Honestly I'm a bit disappointed, I was hoping to swim under 60". But I'm a bit tired because of the preparation for the Games. I am really happy to be competing with Kira (Toussaint) again, she is a friend and has an enviable technique. Obviously this race is a step for me towards tomorrow's 200. 

Men's 50m backstroke

1. Sabbioni Simone (ITA) 24"80: I am really happy about this race today, this time is my best. Surely it is a good preparation for the 100 Olympic Games, I hope to be called up to help the team for the mixed relay. Today I felt less pressure than yesterday's race. 

Women's 400m individual medley

1. Hosszu Katinka (HUN) 4'36"31: The training for the Olympics is going very well. The feeling in the water today was good and the affection of the public in Rome makes it all the more special.

3. Belmonte Garcia Mireia (ESP) 4'39"37: I am really satisfied with today's time, the perseverance in training is paying off. It was nice, finally, to be back competing with the other international champions after the 2019 European Championships.

Men's 400m individual medley

2. Heidtmann Jacob (GER) 4'13"50: It was a very fun race and I set my personal best for the season. The pool at the Foro Italico is beautiful, it is always a spectacle to swim here. Tokyo will be my second Olympics: I'm training in San Diego, but we had a lot of problems because of the Covid restrictions. But I've been lucky to be able to train and I'm happy to finally be competing again. 

3. Razzetti Alberto (ITA) 4'14"69: I did a good race, I don't swim the 400 often, it took me a while to find the rhythm. I came back from the European Championships stronger and also more aware of my potential. 

Women's 100m freestyle

1. Heemskerk Femke (NED) 53"03: It took me a while to recover after the European Championships, but today's result shows me that I am on the right track. I was very close to 52" again. It was a pleasure to come back to Rome and feel all this energy from the public, maybe for the last time.

2. Sjoestroem Sarah (SWE) 53"47: I felt good in the water, although I was hoping to go a little faster. In the second 50m I found the right stroke rhythm. Today's time is in line with the preparation.

3. Kromowidjojo Ranomi (NED) 53"55: It was a fast race, it is great to compete with great athletes. I always like to challenge myself and try to exceed my limits. The time is pretty good. 

Men's 100m freestyle

1. Ceccon Thomas (ITA) 48"14: I immediately felt good in water, I saw that I was in front with the others and I thought I could play it. The time is very good, I'm happy. In Tokyo I'm aiming for the 100 backstroke, I don't know if I can do the relay because they are very close. I also hope I can do the 100 freestyle.

2. Miressi Alessandro (ITA) 48"16: I'm quite happy with the result, this Sette Colli is an excellent training session in preparation for the Olympics. I could have done a little less today, but I'm feeling good and my mind is already on the Games. 

Women's 50m breststroke  

1. Pilato Benedetta (ITA) 29"69: The time is quite good, I did not expect to be able to do less. My goal is to further improve the world record. I will also do the Eurojuniors, because I don't want to arrive with too many expectations or anxiety in Tokyo.

2. Castiglioni Arianna (ITA) 30"06: The 50 is certainly not my favourite race. So I am really happy to have achieved my personal best. After yesterday's record and today's race I hope for the mixed relay at the Olympics, let's see how the 200 will go tomorrow.

Men's 50m breaststroke

1. Martinenghi Nicolò (ITA) 26"59: I made a few mistakes in the race, but after yesterday's good result I could not expect much more than this. I swam without thinking and the time shows that I am working in the right way.

2. Lima Felipe (BRA) 26"92: I am happy with the race and to be here in Rome. During the pandemic it was very difficult to train, so being able to return to compete in a major competition like Sette Colli in the run-up to the Olympics is certainly useful to improve my preparation.

3. Gomes Jr Joao Luiz (BRA) 26"98: I'm not completely satisfied with the race, although it was exciting to swim in this pool again. I couldn't train as I did in previous years, but I still wanted to test my condition. And the public in Rome is wonderful, they give us a lot of warmth. 

Women's 800m freestyle

1. Quadarella simona (ITA) 8'23"25: Winning in this pool is special but I am not happy about the time. At the Sette Colli every year I swim better in the 1500s and today I felt tired. But it was a special season, I am happy to have reached my goal, the qualification for Tokyo. Tomorrow I will also do the 400.

2. Caramignoli Martina (ITA) 8'29"03: I definitely felt much better today than yesterday. My form is not optimal at the moment, we came down from the high ground on Tuesday after a loading period, so it's fine. Racing here was important, because it is the last test before the Olympics. The next two weeks we will be in Rome and then, on the 12th, we will leave for Japan. I will definitely do the 1500, but hopefully also the 800.

Men's 800m freestyle

1. Pereira da Costa Guilher (BRA) 7'53"97: It wasn't an easy race, I'm a bit tired, but I still wanted to take to the water at Sette Colli. Competing here in Rome is always a pleasure, the time is still very good. I want to improve further and will continue to train in the coming weeks.

2. Christiansen Henrik (NOR) 7'54"18: I felt good in the water but I was hoping to go faster. I was in the mountains for three weeks to train, I just got back and I feel a bit tired. Tokyo is four weeks away, now I just have to find the right feelings. I've heard about Gregorio (Paltrinieri), we are very good friends and it's a pity to know that he's not well. Gregorio, I hope you get well soon and I hope to see you at your best in Tokyo!