Sette Colli. Flash Quotes. Day 1


Shown below the podium and flash quotes of the first day of the 58th edition of Sette Colli / International Swimming Trophy, taking place at the Swimming Stadium in Rome.

Men's 100m backstroke

1. Ceccon Thomas (ITA) 53"79: I have some problems with the start lately, I have to fix it as soon as possible for Tokyo. The race went quite well, even if the time isn't my best. But I'm training for Olympics, so that's acceptable.

2. Sabbioni Simone (ITA) 53"96: I missed the Olympic relay time, but I am satisfied with the race and with how the preparation is going. I still hope to get the pass.

3. Lamberti Michele (ITA) 54"14: I am very happy, I did not expect to go so fast. It is my personal best. In March I was stopped for a month for Covid, so I did not expect to get this result. I am really happy.

Women’s 50m backstroke

1. Medeiros Etiene (BRA) 27"78: The last time I did the 50 backstroke was 2018, but this time is great ahead of Tokyo. I will compete in the 4x100 style. Racing in this pool is great, I always have so much fun. I love this pool, it was the one of my first World Championships in 2009. Unforgettable.

2. Toussaint Kira (NED) 27"79: I am not very satisfied, I was hoping to go a bit faster. But I'm training very well for the Olympics, that's what counts. Competing in this pool is always exciting, finally with the public in the stands. I'm going to Tokyo to compete.

3. Cocconcelli Costanza (ITA) 27"92: This is my personal best, I could not be happier. I am really satisfied, after the European Championships that did not go as I expected, it is a revenge. The work I am doing with my coach (Fabrizio Bastelli, ed) is going well.

Men's 400m freestyle

1. De Tullio Marco (ITA) 3'47"41: I am really happy with the time because I did not expect it. The training for the Olympics is tough, these days are a bit heavy, but competing at the Foro Italico is magic, I love this pool.

2. Pereira Da Costa Guiler (BRA) 3'48"62: I'm not very happy with the race but I'm happy to be here in Rome, competing with so many important swimmers. I consider Rome like my home, I study here.

3. Lamberti Matteo (ITA) 3'29"19: I'm really happy, I reached my personal best. I'm focused on the 1500, it's my race and I feel in good shape. I am very happy that the public is back, it is the extra gear that we need. 

Women's 200m freestyle

1. Pellegrini Federica (ITA) 1'56"23: It was the easiest Settecolli of my career, but I am satisfied. The time is in line with Budapest, but we are working hard for this last Olympics. I do not look at the times that my opponents do during the season, each race is different. In Tokyo I would like to reach the final. Then I will play for it.

Men's 100m breaststroke

1. Nicolò Martinenghi (ITA) 58"29 RI-CR: I felt great in water, I had fun. Finally the public is back in the stands, it was fun to hear the cheering. I didn't expect to go so fast, but I was hoping. Now I'll head to Tokyo, I'm in good shape.

2. Arno Kamminga (NED) 58"40: I'm happy to be back in Rome, I love this pool. I thought I had forced in the firtst 50m, but everything went as I wanted. At the Olympics I just want to go fast. If we exclude Peaty, with the others, including Nicolò (Martinenghi), we are all very close. It will be fun.

3. Federico Poggio (ITA) 59"39: Swimming in this pool is always exciting, the Settecolli is a tradition. I had a few small injuries but my preparation is not suffering. Let's hope for Tokyo.

Women’s 100m breaststroke

1. Castiglioni Arianna (ITA) 1'05"67 RI: I am very happy, I wanted to do well even if I know that in Tokyo I will not compete in the individual race. I hope for the relay, I wanted to prove that I deserve the pass. After the Trials I had a difficult time, especially mentally. I'm happy to be able to swim with the people in the stands cheering me on.

2. Pilato Benedetta (ITA) 1'05"84 RIC-RIJ: Swimming under the wall of 1'06 was the goal I set for today. I had come close too many times, I felt I could do it. I'm looking forward to Tokyo, it will be my first Olympics and I'm already very happy to have managed to get a pass at just 16 years old. We'll see what happens, but I'm already satisfied.

Men's 100m butterfly

2. Noe Ponti (SUI) 51"59: It is the second time that I come to the Settecolli, the first was two years ago but I swam the 200 mixed. I didn't think I was going so fast, I'm a bit drained in this period but this time gives me hope for the future.

6. Le Clos Chad (ES) 51"87: It was great to come back and compete here in Rome, especially with the crowd. I can't wait to go to the Olympics, it will be the third time for me but like every time I will get excited, I'm sure. I am proud to represent my country, South Africa, even there we had a very bad period with the pools closed like here in Italy. But to come back and swim was fantastic. 

Women's 50m butterfly

1. Sjoestroem Sarah (SWE) 25"42: I love Italy, especially this city. In Rome I won my first World title, in the 100 butterfly in 2009. I am quite satisfied with today's result, I am working well in view of Tokyo. 

2. Kromowidjojo Ranomi (NED) 25"43: I expected to go faster, with Sarah (Sjoestroem) next to me it is always a battle. I am probably a bit tired, but it's ok. The form is there, or rather it is coming. After Tokyo there will be time to relax, now I continue to push. The Foro Italico is my favourite pool and the Settecolli is my favourite competition. Every year it's great to come back. 

Men's 50m freestyle

1. Fratus Bruno (BRA) 21"71: I continue to train for Tokyo, I will try to do my best. It was a special year for everyone because of the pandemic, but I am grateful to have at least one pool to train in. But I carry this pool in my heart, it is one of my absolute favourites. 

2. Miressi Alessandro (ITA) 21"97: I am happy with today's race despite being underloaded. Today was an important test for the 100, which I feel more mine. We'll see how they go tomorrow.

Women's 1500m freestyle

1. Quadarella Simona (ITA) 15'48"81 CR: Finally I can swim these times again. In the pool of my city I found the emotions of competition that I had been missing for a while. Now all my energies are focused on Tokyo, my first Olympics. 

2. Caramignoli Martina Rita (ITA) 16'12"30: I thought I'd be able to go faster, I'm getting tired after the altitude training. The work for Tokyo is going well, the form will come. I was thrilled to hear the crowd cheering today.

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