Sette Colli. Flash quotes day 2


Shown below the podium and flash quotes of the second day of the 56th edition of Sette Colli / International Swimming Trophy, taking place at the Swimming Stadium in Rome.

Women’s 100m Butterfly
1. Ilaria Bianchi (ITA) 57”50
2. Elena Di Liddo (ITA) 57”51
3. Rika Omoto (JPN) 58”92
Ilaria Bianchi (gold medal): “I am very happy about my time. Facing Elena is always a great challenge. I hope to improve my performance at the World Championships”. 
Elena Di Liddo (silver medal): “The race was good, but loosing for one second is bothering. I am on top for the World Championships”. 
Men’s 200m Butterfly
1. Kristof Milak (HUN) 1’54”19
2. Federico Burdisso (ITA) 1’55”21
3. Chad Le Clos (RSA) 1’55”48
Chad Le Clos (bronze medal): “The time is good but I didn’t feel well into the water. I hope to improve my performance during these two weeks before the World Championships”. 
Federico Burdisso (silver): “I am satisfied about my result because in this period I didn’t train enough, but however I was very close to my best time. I will not participate in Eurojunior because I will train to do my best for the World Championships in the best way”. 
Women’s 100m Backstroke
1. Margherita Panziera (ITA) 59”69
2. Kira Toussaint (NED) 1’00”01
3. Holly Barratt (AUS) 1’00”69
Margherita Panziera (gold medal): “My performance was good, but I hope to improve it. I am confident for the World Championships”. 
Kira Toussaint (silver medal): “I didn’t train enough for this race, but my time was good. Racing here at Sette Colli gives me an incredible emotion”. 
Holly Barratt (bronze medal): “All was going well, I am very happy about this medal obtained competing with very strong rivals”. 
Men’s 100m Backstroke
1. Michael Andrew (USA) 53”40
2. Yakov Yan Toumarkin (ISR) 54”15
3. Brodie Williams (GBR) 54”23
Michael Andrew (gold medal): “The race was going well. I swam with a time very close to my personal one. Stadio del Nuoto is fantastic and the fans are incredible La gara è andata al meglio perché ho nuotato un tempo non lontano dal mio personale. Lo Stadio del Nuoto è fantastico e il tifo è incredibile”.
Yakov Yan Toumarkin (silver medal): “I love Rome and I am happy swimming in this wonderful pool. It is a shame for the time reached, missing my qualification for the World Championships”. 
Women’s 400m Individual Medley
1. Zsuzsanna Jakabos (HUN) 4’38”89
2. Anja Crevar (SRB) 4’40”15
3. Viktoria Gunes (TUR) 4’44”31
Anja Crevar (silver medal): “I expected to swim faster, so I am not satisfied about my result. Anyway, my aim was to test my performance before the World Championships”. 
Viktoria Gunes (bronze medal): “The time is good for this race. I am training for the World Championships where I would like to do improve my performance”. 
Men’s 400m Individual Medley
1. Daiya Seto (JPN) 4’07”95
2. David Verraszto (HUN) 4’11”90
3. Joan Lluis Pons Ramon (ESP) 4’17”61
Daiya Seto (gold medal): “I felt well into the water. In Korea I hope to swim faster to obtain something important”. 
David Verraszto (silver medal): “Coming back here in Rome is always a pleasure. The atmosphere is unique here. The race was going well and the time reflects my current performance”.
Joan Lluis Pons Ramon (bronze medal): “I wanted to swim a better time. But swimming near two champions like Seto and Verraszto is always a great emotion”. 
Women’s 100m Freestyle
1. Pernille Blume  (DEN) 53”44
2. Femke Heemskerk (NED) 53”54
3. Federica Pellegrini (ITA) 53”66
Pernille Blume  (gold medal): “I am not satisfied about my time, but swimming in this pool is always wonderful”. 
Federica Pellegrini (bronze medal): “At least my time satisfies me. It was a great race, swimming in the way I like. Tomorrow, the 200m will be the decisive test to understand if I could swim this distance also at the World Championships”. 
Men’s 100m Freestyle
1. Breno Correia (BRA) 48”48
2. Marcelo Cherighini (BRA) 48”55
3. Sergii Shevtsov (UKR) 48”79
Breno Correia (gold medal): “I improved the time obtained this morning. I am very happy and I will participate in the World Championships this year. This was my aim and dream”. 
Marcelo Cherighini (silver medal): “I swam too fast and I was tired in the return course. However the time is good. Now I will come back to Brazil to my final training before the World Championships”. 
Women’s 50m Breaststroke
1. Benedetta Pilato (ITA) 30”28
2. Jhennifer Conceicao (BRA) 30”54
3. Martina Carraro (ITA) 30”62
Benedetta Pilato (gold medal): “Today the record gave me emotions, but I will not stop here. I want swimming faster. I will try to do my best for the World Championships”. 
Jhennifer Conceicao (silver medal): “This is my first time in this swimming pool and now I understand why all say that this is the most beautiful pool in the world. The time is not so good, and the young blood are gaining on”.
Martina Carraro (bronze medal): “Today being on podium was my aim. I am training for the World Championships where I hope to swim in a good condition better than my current one”. 
Men’s 50m Breaststroke
1. Adam Peaty (GBR) 26”53
2. Felipe Lima (BRA) 26”61
3. Joao Gomes Junior (BRA) 26”68
Adam Peaty (gold medal): “The time is good and my condition is improving for the most important event, the World Championships in Korea. I love swimming in this pool”. 
Joao Gomes Junior (bronze medal): “Being here this year is amazing, because reminds me the World Championships in Rome 2009. It was a great race and the time is good”. 
Women’s 800m Freestyle
1. Simona Quadarella  (ITA) 8’21”20
2. Ajna Kesely (HUN) 8’25”29
3. Martina Rita Caramignoli (ITA) 8’37”62
Simona Quadarella (gold medal): “After the 1500 I was tired, but my time obtained today is good. Tomorrow I will swim in 200m, because I want to test myself also in shorter distances. Swimming here in my town is always a great emotion”. 
Men’s 800m Freestyle
1. Guilherme Costa (BRA)
2. Vuk Celic (SRB) Tempo
3. Anton Oerskov Ipsen (DEN) Tempo
Guilherme Costa (gold medal): “Even if I won the race, my time doesn’t satisfy me. The today race was a proof to test my condition for the tomorrow competition, the 1500m, that it is my aim”. 
Anton Oerskov Ipsen (bronze medal): “This is the second time I participate in Settecolli. The 800m is a difficult race, but I am very happy of my third place”.