Sette Colli. Report heats second day


The second day at 56° Trofeo Sette Colli- International Swimming Competition gifts new emotions. Yesterday emotions are history. The 14-years-old swimmer Benedetta Pilato, student at the Scientific Upper School in Taranto with the maximum, trained by Vito D'Ongia and member of Fimco Sport, sets the absolute Italian record in 50m-breaststroke with 30"13. Nicolò Martinenghi, 20 years on next 1st august, trained by Marco Pedoja, swims for Fiamme Oro and Nuoto Club Brebbia. After the second place obtained on Friday in 100m, he sets the cadet Italian record in 50m-breaststroke with 26"85. The previous records were set by Arianna Castiglioni (30"30, on 8/08/2018 in Glasgow) and by him (26"97, on 4/04/2017 in Riccione). And we are only at heats.
In 50m-breaststroke, the cadet new recordman, obtains the fourth time for the Final. Ahead him, Adam Peaty (25 years on next 28th December), with a lion tattooed on his left shoulder, recordman and World champion in 50m and 100m-breaststroke, Olympic gold in 100m in Rio 2016, and the Brazilians Joao Gomes Junior with 26"64 and Felipe Lima with 26"75. The Italian recordman Fabio Scozzoli (Esercito/Imolanuoto, trained by Cesare Casella) ranks ninth in Final B with 27"49. His absolute Italian record is 26"73 (set on 14/04/2018 in Riccione).
The 200m-butterfly of morning session says: Milak, Burdisso, Le Clos, with Pellizzari and Carini accompanying Federico in Final. The 19-years-old Hungarian Kristof Milak, European champion, sets the best time of the heats with 1'56"22. In Glasgow he swam in heats with 1'54"17, in semi-Final with 1'55"48 and in Final with 1'52"79 (Championships record). The Italian recordman Federico Burdisso, 18 years on next 20th September, trained by Simone Palombi and member of Toro a Volo Nuoto, bronze at the European Championships in Glasgow 2018, ranks second with 1'57"82. In Scotland he is on podium with 1'55"97 and he sets the Italian record with 1'54"64 at the Absolute Championships in Riccione 2019. The Olympic champion in London 2012 and vice-champion in Rio 2016, four times World gold, the South-African Chad Le Clos ranks third with 1'58"02. Matteo Pellizzari (CC Aniene) ranks fifth with 1'58"41 and Giacomo Carini (Fiamme Gialle/Can Vittorino Da Feltre) ranks seventh with 1'59"03.
Federica Pellegrini is there. After the very good result obtained yesterday, swimming very close to the Italian record, in 100m-freestyle she takes the steps to Pernille Blume, Olympic champion in 50m in Rio de Janeiro 2016, and to Femke Heemskerk, Olympic champion in Beijing 2008 in 4x100m-freestyle, twice World champion (Rome 2009 and Shanghai 2011 in 4x100m) and European champion. Each of them wins their own heat: Fede closes the sixth with 54"32 (26"71 at 50 m), the Dutch the seventh with 53"84 (26"02) and the Danish the last heat with 53"87 (25"96). The preliminary ranking sees Heemskerk ahead Blume and Pellegrini. The Italian record woman in 50m-freestyle and 50m-butterfly Silvia Di Pietro (Carabinieri/Aniene, trained by Mirko Nozzolillo) ranks tenth and in Final B with 55"43 (26"73 at the passage).
The men’s 100m-freestyle plays the notes of the Brazilian marcha triunfal. Four Brazilian swimmers are in Final A: Marcelo Chierighini 48"38, Pedro Spajari 48"60, Breno Correia 48"66 and Gabriel Santos 48"76. Among them the Ukrainian Sergii Shevtsov (Energy Standard) with 48"66 (ex aequo with Correia). Among the Italian swimmer, the Italian  recordman and European champion Alessandro Miressi ranks sixth with 48"92 (23"70 at 50 m). The 20-years-old swimmer member of Fiamme Oro and CN Torino, trained by Antonio Satta, is among the heroes of Glasgow 2018, where he wins the gold medal and sets the Italian record in 100m-freestyle with 47"92.
Margherita Panziera, European champion in 200m, trained by Gialuca Belfiore in Rome and member of Fiamme Oro and CC Aniene, swims under the minute in 100m-backstroke closing the race with 59"78 (29"36 at the passage) at 86 hundredths to her Italian record set on 4th April this year at the Absolute Championships in Riccione. "Iron Woman" Katinka Hosszu dominates the 400m-medley with 4'37"25, three seconds of distance ahead the Serbian Anja Crevar. The Japanese Daiya Seto, twice World champion in long course (Barcellona 2013 and Kazan 2015) and five times gold medalist in short course (since 2012 to 2018)-wins with 4'15"39.
We are waiting for the European champion, "Core de Roma", Simona Quadarella, participating in this evening 800m-freestyle where she promises another victory. 

Foto Baldassarre/Staccioli/Deepbluemedia.eu/Insidefoto