Sette Colli. Report finals first day


The hearts of more than two thousand people present at the Stadio del Nuoto beat for Simona Quadarella and Gabriele Detti. Simona sets the Sette Colli record in 1500m-freestyle with 15'48"84 and Gabriele gives Manuel Bortuzzo the gold medal won in 400m-freestyle. Michael Andrew sets the event record in 50m-backstroke and Florent Manaudou comes back on podium satisfied about his silver won in 50m-freestyle. Only applauses at the first evening event at 56° Trofeo Sette Colli- International Swimming competition occurring until Sunday in Rome.

The greatest emotion arrives at the closure of programme. The European champion in 400m, 800m and 1500m-freestyle Simona Quadarella, member of Fiamme Rosse and CC Aniene, trained by Christian Minotti, wins in 1500m-freestyle with 15'48"84, event and personal record: her previous event record was 15'56"81 set last year and her personal record (15'51"61) was set in Glasgow on 17th August last year. “The last meters seemed neverending. I am very happy of my result because I wanted swimming the 1500m in this way. I thank my companions encouraging me from the gallery. It was a good test before the World Championships. I am thinking about it a lot and I would like to reconfirm my results obtained in Glasgow. I become more confident and I feel stronger after this race. We will see you tomorrow in 800m”.

Double event record made in USA. Michael Andrew breaks the Sette Colli record for the second time in 50m-backstroke in few hours: he already sets it in this morning heat (24"53) and breaks it again in Final with 24"39.“I reached good time, as at Mare Nostrum. I am ready for Gwangju where I will participate in several races. This is my life and swimming in the most beautiful pool in the world is amazing”. Behind him, Simone Sabbioni wins the silver medal with 24"97. “My shoulder injury makes swimming difficult after seven months. This event influenced my season-the Italian swimmer (member of Esercito and SwimProSS9, trained by the Federal Technician Matteo Giunta at the Federal High Specialization Centre “Alberto Castagnetti” in Verona) says. Now, all is recovered and I think my staff. Coming back on top is pleasant and I hope the qualification to World Championships on Saturday”.

The first Italian gold medal of 56° Trofeo Sette Colli belongs to Gabriele Detti. The World champion in 800m and World bronze in 400m in Budapest 2017-member of Esercito and In Sport Rane Rosse, trained by his Federal Technician and uncle Stefano Morini- sets the best time in heats and wins in 400m-freestyle with 3'45"76, at one second and half to event record set since 2016 with 3'44"21 and at 2’40” to his Italian record (3'43"36 set on 4th April in Riccione 2017). “We are on top. Any time was good for me. I am very tired. We are training very well for 400m and 800m and we will trying to do our best in Budapest”. During the ceremony he gives his medal to his friend Manuel Bortuzzo. The women’s 400m-freestyle, with the absence of the European champion Simona Quadarella, are won by the Hungarian Ajna Kesely, born in 2001, winning with 4'04"70.

Federica Pellegrini honors the 50m-freestyle B Final: the Italian champion gifts emotions swimming very close to the Italian record. The star, member of CC Aniene, trained by the Federal Techincian Matteo Giunta, ranks second with 24"92, stopping at 8 hundredths to national record set by Silvia Di Pietro on 24th October in Berlin 2014. The Australian Holly Barratt ranks first with 24"85 in B Final and the Danish Pernille Blume ranks first in A Final with 24"09. “I didn’t expect swimming under 25-Fede says-I was afraid for the ceremony for Rome 2009 this afternoon. But I knew that something beautiful was done for Alberto. He made me an athlete with capital A. Alberto was always there in pool and in the team. He was severe, always encouraging to do the best. Every time I come back in pool, I can’t forget that day of ten years ago”. “I always want coming back here in Rome, in this pool that I prefer” Pernille Blume says after the ceremony.

Great 50m-freestyle: the Brazilian Bruno Fratus wins the race with 21"42. “I am very satisfied of my results here in Rome. Winning a competition like this is always very important. Maybe I will participate in the 100m tomorrow, but I am not sure. I would like to thank the audience: love coming from the gallery is incredible”. The French Florent Manaudou ranks second, after almost three years, with 21"72. “First of all, I am happy having come back to competitions. Here in Rome is more beautiful. Honor to Bruno who won with worth”. The Italian swimmer Santo Yukio Condorelli and Luca Dotto rank fourth ex aequo with 22"15: Condorelli equals his personal time set on 2nd April in Riccione this year. Italian record for the Italian 14-years-old swimmer Benedetta Pilato (Fimco Sport in Bari) in 100m-breaststroke. Trained by Vito D'Onghia, qualified to World Championships, she ranks third in B Final with 1'08"74. Her previous record (1'08"88) was set on 2nd April in Riccione 2019.

Photo Baldassarre/Staccioli/Deepbluemedia.eu/Insidefoto