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WP Olympic Games Qualification Tournament is ready


The city of Trieste in Italy will host the FINA Men's Water Polo Olympic Games Qualification Tournament from April 3-10.

Canada, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Kazakhstan, Netherlands, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Spain and South Africa will face each other in the North Italian city, all hoping to secure a spot for the Men's Olympic Game Tournament in Rio de Janeiro this summer. As per the women's Tournament, the participating teams were selected through Continental Qualification Tournaments or Continental Championships. The host country of the Olympic Qualification Tournament (ITA) is considered to be a representative for Europe.

The teams are divided into two groups as follows:

GROUP A: Russia, Slovakia, France, Hungary, Romania, Canada
GROUP B: Italy, South Africa, Spain, Netherlands, Germany, Kazakhstan

42 games will be held during the eight-day competition in Trieste, with a preliminary phase running from April 3 through April 7 and the quarter final on April 8. The semi final and final rounds will respectively be hosted on April 9 and 10. On the last day, the Olympic draw ceremony will also be hosted announcing the Olympic groups.

The four best teams in Trieste (gold, silver, bronze medallists and fourth place) will secure a spot for the Olympic Games.

Eight teams have already secured a place for the Olympic Games: Australia, Brazil (as host), Croatia, Greece, Japan, Montenegro, Serbia, USA

The Draw for the Men and Women's Olympics groups will be held immediately after the conclusion of the tournament on April 10.

Follow the schedule.

Day 1 - Sunday 3 April
13:50 (A) RUS-CAN
15:10 (A) FRA-HUN
16:30 (A) SVK- ROU
17:50 (B) ESP-NED
19:10 (B) RSA-GER
20:30 (B) ITA-KAZ

Day 2 - Monday 4 April
13:50 (B) KAZ-NED
15:10 (B) GER-ESP
16:30 (A) CAN-HUN
17:50 (A) ROU-FRA
19:10 (A) RUS-SVK
20:30 (B) ITA-RSA

Day 3 - Tuesday 5 April
13:50 (A) HUN-ROU
15:10 (A) SVK-CAN
16:30 (A) FRA-RUS
17:50 (B) NED- GER
19:10 (B) RSA-KAZ
20:30 (B) ESP-ITA

Day 4 - Wednesday 6 April
13:50 (B) KAZ-GER
15:10 (B) RSA-ESP
16:30 (A) CAN-ROU
17:50 (A) RUS-HUN
19:10 (A) SVK- FRA
20:30 (B) ITA-NED

Day 5 - Thursday 7 April
13:50 (A) FRA-CAN
15:10 (A) HUN- SVK
16:30 (A) RUS-ROU
17:50 (B) ESP-KAZ
19:10 (B) NED-RSA
20:30 (B) ITA-GER

Quarter finals - Friday 8 April
(31) 16:00 1A-4B
(32) 17:30 2A-3B
(33) 19:00 3A-2B
(34) 20:30 4A-1B

Semi finals - Saturday 9 April
(35) 16:00 L31-L33
(36) 17:30 L32-L34
(37) 19:00 W31-W33
(38) 20:30 W32-W34

Finals - Sunday 10 April
7th place / 11:00 L35-L36
5th place / 12:30 W35-W36
3rd place / 15:30 L37-L38
1st place / 17:00 W37-W38