Flash quotes day 3


Updating - Shown below the podium and flash quotes of the last day of the 59th edition of Sette Colli / International Swimming Trophy, taking place at the Swimming Stadium in Rome.

50 freestyle women
2. Michelle Coleman: "I'm very happy with my time and how the race went. I love Rome; this is my favorite competition, and I always come here with pleasure."
3. Anna Hopkin: "I didn't expect the third place, I'm thrilled. I had come close to it, so reaching it is amazing."

200 backstroke men
1. Roman Mityukov: "I'm very happy with the time I achieved after the training camp in Tenerife, especially with an eye on the World Championships."
3. Brodie Williams: "It went well, but the season is still ongoing, so I'll try to improve even more. However, I'm happy. Rome is a magnificent place. The pool is amazing, and the crowd is warm."

200 backstroke women
1. Kylie Masse: "I'm really tired after these three days. I'm very happy with the result and being here in Rome. I hope I can still manage to explore the city a little and try some traditional dishes."
2. Katie Shanahan: "I was hoping to go slightly faster, but there will be other opportunities to improve. I'm very satisfied with my race."
3. Rio Shirai: "I don't feel at my best, but I gave it my all. It was a good race."

50 butterfly men
1. Thomas Ceccon: "I'm satisfied with the time, although I was hoping for something faster. It's a shame about the Italian record that I wanted to achieve. I'm learning to push through and deliver good performances even when I'm not at my best. Now I have the final two weeks of intense training before the World Championships. I believe that as a national team, we're not in the best condition, but we hope to defend the results achieved so far and rely on the support of the new generation."
2. Szebasztian Szabo: "It was a pretty decent time, I'm pretty satisfied of it. Actually on competition like this one I don't mind my time or my position it just feels good to come here to race with the best of them to be able to stand up on the blocks next to the fastest swimmers in the world and just see where I am how I perform doing my best".
3. Noé Ponti: "The race went well. I will analyze the performance further, but I'm satisfied."

200 butterfly women
1. Boglarka Kapas: "I'm very happy with the result and how the race went. This is one of my favorite stadiums. I love Rome."
2. Laura Kathleen Stephens: "I'm really happy to have competed here and achieved the result, which is winning the silver medal in a special place like Rome."
3. Dalma Sebestyen: "I'm doing well. I'm happy with the result, and competing here in Rome is magical. The city is beautiful."

200 breaststroke men
1. Arno Kamminga: "The race went very well, it's always nice to win in Rome. It wasn't easy because there were very strong opponents, but it's great to win the last competition before the World Championships."
2. Erik Persson: "It was a good race, the last one before World Champs. I was feeling not in the best shape but hopefully in a few weeks I will feel much better in the water. It was a close one, I really like to compete here, hope to come back soon".
3. Luca Pizzini: "I had fun. It has been a peculiar year with various injuries and family choices, but it is always nice to compete here."

200 breaststroke women
1. Tes Schouten: "I love Rome and competing under the sun in this pool. Being able to achieve these performances here gives me good hope for the World Championships. I have never swum in a World Championship final before, and I hope to improve my personal best several times and eat a lot of sushi."
3. Francesca Fangio: "I am satisfied because I changed coach a few months ago, so already being able to perform better than in the national championships is a great achievement."

200 freestyle men
1. David Popovici: "Both my coach and I are satisfied. I think it was a well-structured race, but now I’ll try to find the perfect one. I really enjoy swimming in this pool, I wish facilities like this were built in Romania as well, for now I can only take home these good feelings. I have wonderful memories of last-year Europeans, but I don't want to get stuck on those: time goes on and you always have to look for the best result".
2. Thomas Dean: "I feel good, it was a good race. We all went very fast. To swim this time in June is very good. I'm very tired."
3. Stefano Di Cola: "The race went pretty well. Popovici is on another level, but I tried to stay as close to him as possible."

400 freestyle women
1. Simona Quadarella: "I had a lot of fun in this race. Considering that I was very tired, it's a good time. I have a positive overall assessment of this Settecolli, as we needed to perform well to have good motivation for the World Championships. I try not to have negative thoughts about Fukuoka; I see that we are all very trained, but I will strive to confirm my performance."
2. Valentine Dumont: "I'm very happy with the time, I improved my personal best by 2 seconds; I really like Rome, it's my favorite city."
3. Ajna Kesely: "I am very happy with this position. It was challenging to compete with Quadarella. I hoped to do a little better, but I am still happy because I had a good race yesterday as well."

200 individual medley men
1. Alberto Razzetti: "I am extremely happy with the race, and I had a lot of fun. It's a bit strange to compete in lane 0, but I still had good sensations. I see an improvement in my turns, and we will try to continue on this path."
2. Duncan W Scott: "I think it was a very tough race, but I'm happy. Coming back here to Rome is always exciting."
3. Ron Polonsky: "It was a good race, better than this morning. It was a tough challenge, not difficult, but at the same time not easy either. I really enjoy swimming here in Rome, the city is beautiful, and the atmosphere is great."

200 individual medley women
1. Sara Franceschi: "I got into the water with the intention to win, and I did it. I had very good sensations, and I managed to stay ahead of the Dutch swimmer despite her strong freestyle. I believe that the training and physical condition have always been there; what was missing was that extra mental step, which I have been able to achieve in recent years. I want to finish the year according to my good intentions and then start the next one with the goal of aiming for my third Olympics."
2. Marrit Steenbergen: "I felt tired before the race. But 2'09"51 is a good time. I'm happy with how I competed this year."
3. Katie Shanahan: "I'm very happy with the race and my time. I love Rome and swimming at the Stadio del Nuoto."

1500 freestyle men
1. Luca De Tullio: "I think I still have something to offer in this distance in the future because I enjoy swimming it, and especially making progress in the last 100. Going under 15 minutes was my main goal, and achieving it now and after yesterday makes me realize that I can still improve in this race. I couldn't be happier."
2. Daniel Wiffen: "The race went very well, I was hoping to go a bit faster but in the end, it was a very intense week with tough training sessions. I'm happy."
3. Damien Joly: "It's always nice to swim in Rome and in this pool. It was good race with Wiffen and Di Tullio so happy for the time in the last race before World Championship. Bettre than 800m yesterday".

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