Flash quotes day 2


Shown below the podium and flash quotes of the second day of the 59th edition of Sette Colli / International Swimming Trophy, taking place at the Swimming Stadium in Rome.

100 butterfly women
1. Louise Hansson: "It wasn't an easy race, but I'm very satisfied with my result. I feel good physically, and I'm happy."
2. Angelina Koehler: "Second day, second podium. I feel great. Swimming in Rome brings me luck. I didn't think I could go under 58 seconds."
3. Anna Ntountounaki: "I am very happy with the result, I didn't expect it because I was struggling. The past two years have been challenging, so I am thrilled that this result comes during the preparation for the Fukuoka World Championships."

200 butterfly men
1. Noè Ponti: "Competing here is always beautiful. I am very satisfied with my time and my performance."
2. Giacomo Carini: "This afternoon I felt better compared to this morning, I tried to manage the race well. The sensations were excellent, and I think I had a good performance."
3. Richard Marton: "I'm not entirely satisfied with my time, this morning went better. This is my first time in Rome, but I really like it."

100 backstroke women
1. Kylie Masse: "I didn't do great even though I improved stroke after stroke. Competing here in Italy is always special, especially in a city like Rome."
2. Lauren Cox: "I'm very happy to have started competing outdoors. I'm pleased with the result and my time."
3. Kira Toussaint: "I just moved to training in spain, I have been training together Kylie Masse since January, so I'm adjusting to everything new: new language, new country, new training and I'm slowly improving in every race, so im very happy with that. This competition in this pool with this fans is awesome, i just love it and I'm always really excited to compete in Rome".

50 backstroke men
1. Thomas Ceccon: "I had a good performance, and I'm happy with the time. I didn't expect to go so fast, but I felt good, and I made my usual progress during the race. I'm satisfied with these two races. The 50-meter event remains the most challenging, but we are working on it."
2. Apostolos Christou: "It was a great race, challenging and highly competitive. It was a valuable experience before the World Championships in Japan. It's a pleasure to be here in Rome."
3. Andrei-Mircea Anghel: "It was a good race, very close to my personal best. We are still preparing for Fukuoka so I'm really happy for this result. I hoped that I would win this race but Ceccon and Christou have more experience than me, also they are very good athletes. I really like to race at Settecolli, this is a very fast pool".

400 individual medley women
1. Katie Shanahan: "I'm very happy with my performance, I didn't expect it at all. With this race, my season comes to an end."
2. Sara Franceschi: "I'm happy to have managed to swim under the time limit again. Coming from three weeks of high-altitude training, I felt quite calm and wanted to perform well. After the positive confirmations of the past years, I can say that I feel more confident and aware."
3. Freya Colbert: "I feel physically very tired. I come to Rome because I love this city, and competing here is always fantastic."

400 individual medley men
1. Max Robert Litchfield: "I'm very happy with the race. I took a period of relaxation before this event, so being able to achieve this time was satisfying. Alberto Razzetti is not only a competitor but also a great friend since we shared the experience of the ISL. I have to thank him and Stefano Franceschi for welcoming me in the recent period."
2. Alberto Razzetti: "I am extremely happy that Max Litchfield came to train with me this year. Competing with him is always fun and a great challenge. I am not at 100%, but achieving this time at this stage is already a positive sign that gives me confidence for the World Championships."
3. Gabor Zombori: "It went very well, I had Razzetti close to me, and I had to keep up with his pace. I was in Rome for the European Championships last year, and it was extraordinary."

100 freestyle women
1. Siobhan Haughey: "I spent some great months of training before Settecolli and it’s my first time here, I’m really enjoying it! I’m looking forward the World Champs, they will be very competitive races, above all mine, but I’m also very excited because they are very close now. We’ll see".
3. Marrit Steenbergen: "I'm very happy to be back in Rome. I'm very satisfied with the time and also the result. I think it was a good race."

100 freestyle men
1. David Popovici: "I work to improve more and more and to reach the World Championships by taking care of every detail. Where there is a race to be done, I am always happy to be there: if someone is better than me, I will be there to congratulate them."
2. Alessandro Miressi: "I'm satisfied with the performance. However, the real race will be in a month, and I will continue to work to get back to my best standards."
3. Matthew Richards: "The race went very well, I trained hard to get to this event. I'm very happy that it's going as we hoped. The World Championships are coming up soon, so we need to keep training in that direction."

50 breaststroke women
1. Ruta Meilutyte: "It was a nice race, Im happy. I was feeling pretty good and positive. It's always a pleasure to race in Rome in this beautiful pool by the pine trees and with this beautiful weather. Beautiful time over here".
2. Anita Bottazzo: "I tried to improve compared to the heats, and I'm happy with what I did. Like this morning, I tried to keep up with Ruta, but as always, she pulls away. Competing against an athlete of this caliber is always great."
3. Mona Mc Sharry: "I'm satisfied with my performance and the result. Rome is a wonderful city, and competing here is always beautiful."

50 breaststroke men
1. Simone Cerasuolo: "I am very happy and to have recorded my personal best. I know I can do even better, although this was a special race. Today, all eyes were on Fabio: those who have trained with him know how much love he puts into this sport."
2. Nicolò Martinenghi: "I am satisfied. Being the heir of Fabio Scozzoli is an honor. I started my national team journey with him, and being by his side for his last race is emotional."
3. Ludovico Blu Art Viberti: "I'm very happy, it was a nerve-wracking race, there were a lot of emotions for Fabio Scozzoli since it was his last race. We all felt it. The goal today was the podium, and I'm content." 

800 freestyle women
1. Simona Quadarella: "Today was tougher. At Settecolli, I always give my all in the 1500, and then I feel the fatigue in the 800 the next day. However, I feel that I have more experience, which helps me manage the more intense periods. Tomorrow I will swim the 400, and then I will start thinking only about the World Championships."
3. Noemi Cesarano: "I am very happy with how the race went and also with the time I recorded." 

800 freestyle men
1. Luca De Tullio: "I finally executed a perfect race strategy, I felt great. Beyond the physical sensations, competing here with this audience is always extraordinary. I managed to focus on my own race without looking at the competitors, and it turned out perfectly. This victory means a lot to me because it was the last thing I expected."
2. Daniel Wiffen: "I'm very happy with my time and the race. This is my first time here in Italy, but I already love it."
3. Carlos Garach Benito: "I didn't feel at my best today because I arrived here in mid-June and had little time to prepare properly, but nevertheless, I'm satisfied."

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