Flash quotes day 1


Shown below the podium and flash quotes of the first day of the 59th edition of Sette Colli / International Swimming Trophy, taking place at the Swimming Stadium in Rome.

100 backstroke men
1. Thomas Ceccon: "The performance is good. I said in the morning that in the afternoon I would have swam one second faster. It's a somewhat unique phase, a training phase, so I'm not at my best yet. Last year was fantastic, and I aim to repeat that success by giving my all."
2. Apostolos Christou: "I have always been close to Thomas Ceccon. I am very satisfied with the time I achieved. This race has been an excellent preparation for the World Championships."
3. Simone Stefanì: "I am very happy with my performance. I started preparing for the 100m backstroke in long course in December with a time of 55"60 seconds, and now I've achieved 54"16 seconds, just barely missing the lane. I am satisfied".

50 backstroke women
1. Kylie Masse: "Competing here in Rome is always very beautiful. I am very happy with the first place and the time that I recorded."
2. Lauren Cox: "It was a nice race. I'm not used to swimming outdoors, but I felt good in the water. I'm quite satisfied with the second place and my time."
3. Maaike De Waard: "I’m happy with my race, I went a little faster than in the morning and it’s always beautiful to compete here. I think it was a good test for the World Championships, above all because it’s an international competition. It will be the last one before leaving for Fukuoka."

400 freestlye man
1. Marco De Tullio: "Satisfying race, I'm excited about the result. I always enjoy swimming here in Rome. In the last 50 meters, I kept pushing and made it."
2. Matteo Ciampi: "I swam very close to my reference time. I consider myself satisfied. In the last 100 meters, I was really tired. Now I'm thinking about the next race, the 200 meters, and I will try to qualify for the relay."
3. Matteo Lamberti: "I was hoping to record a better time, but I gave it everything I had, as always. Physically, I feel very good."

200 freestyle women
1. Siobhan Haughey: "I am very happy with this time. It's my best for this season. I believe it's a great sign. It's my first time here in Rome, I arrived a week before the start of the competition to train, and I finally got a chance to visit the city."
2. Freya Colbert: "It was a tough race. I wasn't at my best in the recent training sessions, but I'm very happy. I love this pool and this city. It's my third time here in Rome, and coming here every summer is one of my favorite stops."
3. Marrit Steenbergen: "It’s a good time, my fourth best one, even though I felt a little heavy cause of the hard training I’m doing lately for the World Championships. It’s amazing to be back here where I became European champion last year. Only twice in Rome and it’s full of good memories! For the World Championships I’m hoping for the finals, they would be my first ones in long course".

100 breaststroke men
1. Arno Kamminga: "Swimming here in Rome is always very fascinating, especially against Nicolò Martinenghi. One year after the European Championships, I'm very pleased to come back here. I'm very satisfied with my time."
2. Nicolò Martinenghi: "I don't feel at my best, nevertheless, I had a fantastic race and I'm very happy. I swam one second slower than my personal best. I'm over the moon, and I didn't expect to achieve this time because I'm really feeling unwell. After this, I have a month of altitude training in Livigno, and then the World Championships."
3. Lucas Matzerath: "I'm back to Rome for the second time after the European Championships. I'm happy with the third place, I've improved a lot compared to this morning. I love this city."

100 breaststroke women
1. Tes Schouten: "I’m always happy to race in Rome, I love swimming outdoor and the weather here. My time was pretty good, I always like racing against all these fast girls. I’m looking forward the World Championships, I’m trying not to expect anything, at that point it will be only matter of time. I’ll live in the moment".
2. Reona Aoki: "I didn't feel as good as this morning. I was hoping for a better time."
3. Mona Mc Sharry: "I feel very good physically, and I'm happy with the result. I adore Rome, competing here is always a unique thrill."

100 buterfly men
1. Noè Ponti: "I have good feelings ahead of the World Championships. I'm very happy with this result, and I can't wait to compete in Fukuoka".
2. Nyls Korstanje: "I love Rome and competing at the Swimming Stadium. I'm satisfied with my race."
3. Piero Codia: "I performed better this morning, but this afternoon I made some mistakes. I'm in a good period, but now it's time to shift gears in preparation for the World Championships."

50 butterfly women
1. Sarah Sjostrom: "I’ve been in Rome many many times and it has always an amazing atmosphere. I like challenges, I love life as an athlete, and the atmosphere when you swim and compete with people who are now your friends. All this keeps the motivation high even after so many years and so many medals".
2. Angelina Koehler: "I'm back to Italy after last year's European Championship. I love Rome, I really enjoy being here. I'm satisfied with my time. Now there will be intense training ahead of the World Championships."
3. Louise Hansson: "I'm quite satisfied with my race, I did much better compared to this morning. I have extraordinary memories associated with the Swimming Stadium and the European Championships held here."

50 freestyle men
1. Benjamin Proud: "I feel very good. It always brings me great pleasure to come back to Rome because it's a city that I really enjoy."
3. Lorenzo Zazzeri: "Standing on an international podium after everything I've been through physically in the past few months makes me happy and brings back the emotions of past years. Honestly, I was hoping to go a little faster, but I only started swimming again at the end of January, so it's okay."

1500 freestlye women
1. Simona Quadarella: "I started with very negative feelings, so coming in first was a great satisfaction. I repeated my time from the nationals, so I'm happy. Competing here is always beautiful, of course at the European Championships everything was more amplified and exciting, but Settecolli is always an experience that I love to do."
2. Angela Martinez Guillen: "I am very happy with my performance and this second place. Swimming here is always wonderful."
3. Tamila Hryhorivna Holub: "Competing here in Rome is always special. Today I was really tired because I have been training hard for the World Championships. I am very happy with the result."

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