58° Sette Colli. Flash Quotes. Day 3


Shown below the podium and flash quotes of the last day of the 58th edition of Sette Colli / International Swimming Trophy, taking place at the Swimming Stadium in Rome.

Women's 50m freestyle

1. Blume Pernille (DEN) 24"17: I am satisfied with the time, even though I was a bit tired at the end, but I won and that's what counts. I missed competing in this wonderful pool. Now my focus is to Tokyo, first I will go to France, then I will wait in Denmark for the start of the Olympics.

2. Sarah Sjoestroem (SWE) 24"25: I am happy with the race despite the second place. Of course, it is always a pleasure to compete here in Rome, I will never get tired of saying that. The preparation for Tokyo is going well, the form is coming.

3. Kromowidjojo Ranomi (NED) 24"36: I always enjoy competing with Sarah and Pernille, they are friends as well as opponents. The race went quite well. I am happy to be able to come every year to the Sette Colli, it is an appointment I would never give up. And the Stadio del Nuoto is my favourite pool.

Men's 200m backstroke

1. Restivo Matteo (ITA) 1'56"59: Considering how the European Championships went, I tried to push from the start. I wanted to drop another tenth, but the important thing is that I managed to stay under 1'57". I'm satisfied with the race, the preparation is obviously working. 

2. Garcia Saiz Nicolas (ESP) 1'57"83: Although at this point in the season I am training intensively for the Olympics and the Sette Colli was not the main objective, it was an important test and I am very happy with my time.

3. Mora Lorenzo (ITA) 1'57"90: I have no regrets about yesterday's race, right now I feel stronger in speed and despite the disqualification it was a very good race. Today's was also a good performance: I've been training for three months for the European Championships and I'm really satisfied with this season. Today I tried to give my best and at the end I had no more.

Women's 200m backstroke

1. Panziera Margherita (ITA) 2'08"08: Since I already have the pass for Tokyo, this Sette Colli is an important step to get into the right mindset, competing with many of the opponents who will be at the Olympics. It's great that we managed to do it again this year. I expected this time, I'm not in top form but it would be strange the opposite. I have to keep working, the most important event is not far away.

2. Barzelay Aviv (ISR) 2'10"76: I had a good feeling in the water, the race went quite well, although I couldn't get the time for the Olympics. This is my second time at Sette Colli, but I hope to come back to compete in this pool again. It is magical.

Men's 50m butterfly

1. Govorov Andrii (UKR) 23"19: Obviously I am happy for the victory and I am glad to see the public in the stands again. I know Rome and Italy very well, and I'm so fond of this country that I trained for a long time in Caserta.

2. Ceccon Thomas (ITA) 23"41: The 50 is a dry race, it can go well or badly. In this case I am satisfied, although I was hoping to get a little closer to my personal best. Before the Olympics I will go back to Verona for a few days of rest, then in training I will focus mainly on the backstroke. It is the style in which I feel most confident, but I don't want to neglect the freestyle.

3. Ponti Noe (SUI) 23"53: I am really satisfied with my races here at the Sette Colli. Even today the time is very good. Now I focus on the Olympics: I am underloaded with training but these performances gave me great energy and I hope to do well in Tokyo.

Women's 200m butterfly

1. Polieri Alessia (ITA) 2'08"80: I have no words, I did not expect this medal, especially to get ahead of Hosszu. I'm really happy with this race, I haven't swam these times for a long time and I couldn't ask for a better opportunity to do.

2. Hosszu Katinka (HUN) 2'09"19: Like most athletes, I came from a very hard training period. But I didn't want to miss this event, I really care about it and I tried to honour it as best I could. Now I'm looking forward to Tokyo, I'm aiming to win. There I will compete in all my disciplines, trying to do as many as possible.

3. Cusinato Ilaria (ITA) 2'09"70: The race went very well, I needed to test my condition especially for the next competitions. It is a very intense period, the Olympics are approaching and training is heavy. So today's time makes me happy, I am working in the right way.

Men's 200m breaststroke

1. Kamminga Arno (NED) 2'07"63: It was a good race, I am not at my best so I am happy with today's time. The last two weeks of training were very hard, but it is always fun to swim in this pool. I love Rome, I haven't been back for a long time but I love Italy and this is my favourite pool.

2. Pizzini Luca (ITA) 2'10"12: Arno is uncatchable. I could go even faster, because I felt good in the water, but considering the problems caused by the pandemic and especially the broken arm I can only be satisfied.

3. Baladin Dmitry (KAZ) 2'10"65: I am happy with today's race because in view of Tokyo it is a good way to keep the race pace. It's nice to race here at the Swimming Stadium, but I really suffered from the heat.

Women's 200m breaststroke

1. Fangio Francesca (ITA) 2'23"06 RI: I'm very happy, I got excited when I heard the time. It was the result I was looking for for years, I have worked so hard and I had to face many obstacles to get there. I knew that the form was there, I came here to play it to the end. And it went much better than I could have expected.

2. Lecluyse Fanny (BEL) 2'23"30: It's my best time, thanks to the training I've done in recent months. It was hard, but it was a preparation for this and many other races to come. 

3. Mamie Lisa (SUI) 2'23"95: I am very happy with the season so far, we have all had to deal with restrictions and these results make me even more satisfied with the work we have done. I am going to Tokyo for my first Olympics and I am already feeling very nervous. I will be doing the 100 and 200 breaststroke, I am very happy to have this opportunity and to represent Switzerland.

Men's 200m freestyle

2. Di Cola Stefano (ITA) 1'46"84: It was a very fun race, we were all on the same line. Obviously I was aiming to do the time for the Olympic relay. I expected a lot from this race, but I did not expect to go so fast.

Women's 400m freestyle

1. Quadarella Simona (ITA) 4'06"88: I will not do the 400 in Tokyo but I wanted to do it today. I always look for new stimuli. I struggled a bit in the first few metres but it always happens when I'm under load, I have to get into gear before I get into a rhythm. I try to pay attention to the sensations in the water as well as the time. Today in particular that wasn't what counted, it was enough for me to win, I wanted to put my hand in front, they can't beat me at home. If I think about the Olympics, I feel calm for now, it's the calm that makes you win.

2. Hassler Julia (LIE) 4'08"07: I have worked hard during these months and today's result proves it, I am happy. And then it is always very important to compete with the best athletes as here at Sette Colli.

Men's 200m individual medley

1. Razzetti Alberto (ITA) 1'58"34: It was a good performance, I'm satisfied especially with the time. This was an intermediate appointment to test my condition and the races confirmed that I'm in good shape for the most important appointment. At the Olympics I am aiming for the final, then I already know that it will be a great experience and that I will have fun.

2. Polonsky Ron (ISR) 2'00"43: Today the race went well, I'm happy, I had good feelings in the water. The time is in line with the preparation for Tokyo, where I will compete in the 200 mixed events.

Women's 200m individual medley

1. Franceschi Sara (ITA) 2'10"26: A month before the Olympics, today's result is really important, even though it is a passing race. Indeed these races have helped me to understand the feelings and I must say that we are at a good level. There is only a month to go before the start, I cannot stop now. We have to push to improve and give our best. Coming back to compete with the fans was great, from the moment I entered the pool to the touch on the plate, it is the right charge.

2. Hosszu Katinka (HUN) 2'11"61: I feel very fit right now, in Tokyo I will try to do all 'my' races: definitely the 200 butterfly and 200 backstroke, and of course the mixed events, to try to defend the title.

3. Ugolkova Maria (SUI) 2'11"87: It was an exciting race, but I am happy with the result and with the podium. I try to compete as much as possible, in these events it is important to put yourself on the line and challenge your opponents from other countries. It helps you to grow as an athlete but it is also great to swim in pools like this.

Men's 1500m freestyle

1. Dalu Francesco (ITA) 15'07"57: This is my first Sette Colli, the other years I had the time to participate but it overlapped with the cross-country championships. It went very well, after the 800 yesterday I said to myself "let's try", the big names were missing and it was an opportunity to be taken advantage of. It's great to win in this pool.

2. Kalmar Akos (HUN) 15'07"74: I'm coming from a busy period, so I'm very happy with the time I did today. But I am not satisfied, I want to continue to train and improve. Competing at the Foro Italico is an honour for me.

3. Lamberti Matteo (ITA) 15'10"55: I did my personal best but I wanted to do a bit better. I felt very good in the water and after the excellent performance in the 400 I knew I could go fast. Unfortunately I feel that I am always missing the last 500 meters: I will evaluate together with Moro (Stefano Morini) how to improve in training. My next appointment is the category championship: let's hope to do well.