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Domenica, 15 Giugno 2014

Settecolli. Competitions cancelled because of bad weather

In time to celebrate the success of Aurora Ponselè in 800m freestyle and the Hungarian Peter Bernek in 200m backstroke and it has been necessary to cancel the third afternoon session of the 51st edition of Trofeo Settecolli Clear of swimming. Lightnings, wind and rain on the Stadio del Nuoto haven’t allow to continue the competition. At the beginning a temporary postponement; then the definitive decision, in agreement with the technical staff of societies and international delegates, for the security of involved athletes, judges, technical staff, directors and communication staff. The athletes, among them Federica Pellegrini, have been preparing to swim the 200m backstroke final before a cloud-burst has come on Rome. This is the first time in 51 years that Trofeo Settecolli closes the competitions in advance because of bad weather.
In the meantime Aurora Ponselè has won and convinced us. She shines in 800m freestyle with 8'25"86 (4'11"62 in 400m): seventh seasonal world performance. The 22-years-old athlete increases her personal record of almost two seconds (prec. 8'27"65) and becomes the third Italian performer using tissue swimsuit reaching the personal best time of Federica Pellegrini (8'24"99). “I have slipped at start and the rain hasn’t helped me to show my potential, but the time is very good. My next aim is the Italian Championship of long-distance to try to obtain the European qualification also in 10km”, Azzurra tells, already protagonist in 400m in which she became the third Italian performer with 4'07"62.
Then the success of the Hungarian Peter Bernek in 200m backstroke with 1'57"80, 10 hundredths ahead of Luca Mencarini, second with 1'57"90 and in according with his personal record.


800m freestyle F
1. Aurora Ponselè (Ita) 8'25"86
2. Boglarka Kapas (Hun) 8'28"82
3. Isabella Sinisi (Ita) 8'33"76

200m backstroke M
1. Peter Bernek (Hun) 1'57"80
2. Luca Mencarini (Ita) 1'57"90
3. Christopher Ciccarese (Ita) 1'59"01

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