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Sabato, 14 Giugno 2014

Settecolli. 2^ day heats report

Second day heats of 51st Trofeo Settecolli Clear International competitions of swimming and two records of the event are reached.
The rising phenomenon of world breaststroke Ruta Meilutyte decreases the record in 50m breaststroke with 30”13 and meets you at the final competitions at 18:30 live broadcasted on Rai Sport 2 to reach the wall of 30 seconds. The previous record is obtained by the Australian Leisel Jones (2008) and is equaled by the Swedish Jennie Johansson, second in the eliminatory races. After this, Andrea Toniato reaches the record in male race with 27"25: six hundredths less of the time reached by Fabio Scozzoli last year, seven less of his personal record swum in category championships here at the Stadio del Nuoto last August and under the time limit requested (27"50) by Federnuoto for the qualification to European Championships in Berlin.
The Hungarian Katinka Hosszu three times in water: third in 200m butterfly with 2'12"76, behind Liliana Szilagyi, the best time with 2'11"24; first in 100m backstroke with 1'00"60, with Federica Pellegrini ranking third with 1'01"50, and in 400m medley with 4'43"16, together Stefania Pirozzi second with 4'48"14.
In female 100m freestyle the best times are orange, with Femke Heemskerk (54"02) preceding the Olympic champion Ranomi Kromowidjojo (54"14); Swedish Sarah Sjoestroem ranks third (54"42). In male 200m freestyle the German Paul Biedermann with 1'49"14 is ahead of the other Dutch Sebastiaan Verschuren (1'49"78) and of Filippo Magnini (1'49"84).
In the other races the best times are reached by the Hungarians Liliana Szilagyi with 2'11"24 and Bence Pulai with 1'59"52 in 200m butterfly, by Simone Sabbioni in 100m backstroke with 55"36 and by Federico Turrini in 400m medley with 4'23"32.
The male 1500m freestyle finals are in program on Sunday. Aurora Ponselè, Gabriele Detti and Gregorio Paltrinieri will come back in the pool.
Here below the best times of the second day heats races.


  200m butterfly F
1. Liliana Szilagyi (Hun) 2'11"24
2. Martina Van Berkel (Sui) 2'11"43
3. Katinka Hosszu (Hun) 2'12"76

200m butterfly M
1. Bence Pulai (Hun) 1'59"52
2. Michele Cosentino (Ita) 1'59"73
3. Matteo Pelizzari (Ita) 1'59"78

100m backstroke F
1. Katinka Hosszu (Hun) 1'00"60
2. Carlotta Zofkova (Ita) 1'00"80
3. Federica Pellegrini (Ita) 1'01"50

100m backstroke M
1. Simone Sabbioni (Ita) 55"36
2. Jan-Philip Glania (Ger) 55"48
3. Fabio Laugeni (Ita) 55"57

400m medley F
1. Katinka Hosszu (Hun) 4'43"16
2. Stefania Pirozzi (Ita) 4'48"14
3. Luisa Trombetti (Ita) 4'48"52

400m medley M
1. Federico Turrini (Ita) 4'23"32
2. Andrea Velluti (Ita) 4'25"40
3. Simon Sjoedin (Swe) 4'26"30

100m freestyle F
1. Femke Heemskerk (Ned) 54"02
2. Ranomi Kromowidjojo (Ned) 54"14
3. Sarah Sjoestroem (Swe) 54"42

200m freestyle M
1. Paul Biedermann (Ger) 1'49"14
2. Sebastiaan Verschuren (Ned) 1'49"78
3. Filippo Magnini (Ita) 1'49"84

50m breaststroke F
1. Ruta Meilutyte (Ltu) 30"13 rec. man.
2. Jennie Johansson (Swe) 30"82
3. Moniek Nijhuis (Ned) 31"11

50m breaststroke M
1. Andrea Toniato (Ita) 27"25 rec. man.
2. Gledrius Titenis (Ltu) 27"40
3. Giulio Zorzi (Rsa) 27"59

800m freestyle F
1. Aurora Ponselè (Ita) 8'39"00
2. Boglarka Kapas (Hun) 8'39"49
3. Sarah Kohler (Ger) 8'43"05

1500m freestyle M
1. Gabriele Detti (Ita) 15'15"71
2. Gergely Gyurta (Hun) 15'19"24
3. Gregorio Paltrinieri (Ita) 15'21"13

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