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Giovedì, 12 Giugno 2014

Settecolli. Paltrinieri, Gyurta & friends

Waiting is almost ended. The preliminary heats of the 51st edition of Trofeo Settecolli Clear will start on Friday 13 June at 9:00 at the Stadio del Nuoto in Rome and are in programme until Sunday. On the eve of press conference for the event presentation that will be on Thursday at 12:30 at the opposite side of Monte Mario gallery we discover the last stars that we will meet on blocks and watch the video about Gregorio Paltrinieri.

Gregorio Paltrinieri was born in Carpi on 5 September 1994. European champion in long course (2012) and in short course (2012), one bronze (2013) and ranked fifth in Olympic Games (2012) in 1500m freestyle, he represents the future of growing Italian swimming. At the centre of the federal technical project in Ostia, Paltrinieri is a very good friend of Gabriele Detti, “minipote” of Moro, with whom he shares successes, coach and, for a long time, also a double-room in a guestrooms before the promotion to a “single” for both. They are called “the different Twins” of Italian swimming, behind the duo Massimiliano Rosolino-Emiliano Brembilla. They spend a lot of time in course, on books of their diploma and playing football with play station, in which Detti is always the winner. Fan of Juventus football team, Greg has always cultivated his passion for basketball and for New York Knicks, for music and in particular for rap music. His family was involved in the earthquake happened in Emilia when he won the European title in May 2012. His grandparents’ house in Mirandola was destroyed, while the house of his parents in Carpi suffered huge damages, making them to sleep in canvas.

Dániel Gyurta was born in Budapest on 4 May 1989. He is the absolute star of 200m breaststroke: Olympic gold in 2009 after the silver in 2008, and world gold for three editions since 2009. The next goal is the world record of Japanese Akihiro Yamaguchi of 2’07”01, because he is behind him for 22 hundredths. Gyurta began swimming at the age of 4 years. When he was 8 years old he won his first competition. He grows with Tamás Darnyi, winner of 16 gold medals (4 are Olympic and 4 World) between 1986 and 1992 in 200m and 400m medley. He is completely focused on swimming. Several words to describe Daniel: resolute, diligent, and first of all “focused” on any detail of competition “because nobody is incomparable” as usually he says. He has no idea about his life after his carrier. In the meantime he studies Business Management at “Budapest College of Communication and Business”. He adores beautiful cars, movies with Al Pacino and music that he chooses according to his mood.

Paul Biedermann was born in Halle, in ex-East Germany, on 7 August 1986. After only four years the wall was broken and Germany returned to be free and united. But it needed time to heal injures and re-use the sports facilities in the city. His first training experiences in pool were not the best: he began his activity in a crumbling pool that – as he told – made him to show his personality and to stand out. The most important moment for his carrier was in Rome, at the Stadio del Nuoto, during the World Championships in 2009, when he won 200m and 400m freestyle fixing the World records with 1’42” and 3’40”07. Specialized in mean distance freestyle competitions, between 2008 and 2012 he reached the most significant results of a carrier with 31 international medals but with no any Olympic podium. He is engaged with Britta Steffen, world record holder and Olympic champion in 50m and 100m freestyle in Beijing 2008. Both Paul and Britta love cooking and they take a course to improve “their cooking skills”. Linked to his family, he often goes fishing with his father and he takes care of his mother suggestions. He is a fan of boxing and hockey, “because fast and physical sports”. He adores to listen to music and spend his time with computer to update his social network profiles. His favourite music style is heavy metal, and his favourite group is Ramstein. He is a good friend of Michael Schumacher, with whom he preferred to talk about life more than sport.

László Cseh was born in Budapest on 3 December 1985. Wide-skilled athlete, from dolphin to backstroke, he becomes the European answer to the American champions Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte in 200m and 400m medley. Winner of five Olympic, nine world and sixteen European medals in long course, but only one gold in 400m medley in Montreal World Championships 2005. He approached swimming thanks to his father, who swam in the Olympic Games in 1968 and 1972 and was the first Hungarian athlete to break the wall of minute in 100m backstroke. Trained by György Turi, inflexible on poolside, but a friend out of the swimming pool, he reached maturity that makes himself to discuss and programme his trainings. European record holder in 200m butterfly and 200 and 400m medley, when he trains and does not study Computer sciences, he adores fishing to relax and photography to express himself. His motto is “Live the present day, preparing future, even if we don’t know what it has for us”.

Evgeny Korotyshkin was born in Moscow on 13 April 1983. Specialized in 50m and 100m butterfly, he conquered the silver medal in 100m in London Olympic Games 2012. Strong point of Russian medley relay with which he reached World record in short course, he is involved in the AND Swim Project Team of Andrea Di Nino located in Caserta. Son of two swimmers, both specialized in dolphin style, Evgeny was introduced to swimming at the age of 4 years. His mother Lyudmila, that was also his coach, is a Technician of Russian National Team. If he wasn’t a swimmer, the dream of Evgeny was to be a cosmonaut. He loves silence. Swimming is part of him. Out of water, he cannot live without candies and extreme sports such as skydiving and off piste snowboard. He would like to drive a plane or an helicopter, and maybe want to set his room. He loves rock, rap and singing songs of his favourite group, the Nickelback, under the shower. His favourite movies are comedy and science fiction, with Nicolas Cage or Jessica Alba that are his favourite actors.

Fabio Scozzoli was born in Lugo on 3 August 1988 and lives in Forlì. Always on podium in short and long course in World and European Championships during the 3-year period 2010-2012 in 50m and 100m breaststroke, he became European champion in 2010 (50m breaststroke) and in 2012 (100m breaststroke) and World double vice champion in 2011 in Shanghai. On 13 December 2012 he became the first Italian swimmer to conquer a gold medal in World Championships in short course. Methodical, resolute, he arrived to London Olympic Games focusing on podium, but he failed finals and ranked seventh trying to compete with Cameron Van Der Burgh for the gold medal won with the world record of 58”46. If he obtained the time of semi-finals he would conquer the bronze. The disillusion was huge and Fabio – to not forget – got a tattoo on his left pectoral. A tattoo with the five Olympic circles and a clock, with the final time, in the centre. A stimulus to the next Rio Games 2016, where he will try to conquer what he deserve. After London he left the coach Tamas Gyertanffy who was elected responsible of federal centre of Verona and he still trains with Cesare Casella at Imolanuoto. In Barcelona World Championships he didn’t shine and later he suffered the damage of his anterior cruciate ligament of his right knee. He jumped the winter session and he began to evaluate any opportunity abroad, such as the competition occurred on February in Florida at Azura Florida Aquatics of Gianluca Aberani with the Brazilian champion Felipe Lima. He adores speed by cars and motorbikes. Fan of Milan football team, he is very active on social network and he is engaged with the swimmer Carlotta Fiordoro. It is called Robocop or Big Jim thanks to his muscles and skinny body.

Luca Dotto was born in Camposanpietro on 18 April 1990, but he grew in Tombolo in Padova area. Specialized in short distances in freestyle, in 2009 he broke the historical record of Giorgio Lamberti in 100m freestyle cadet class 1989 with 49”22. After two years he conquered the silver medal in World Championships 2011 in 50m freestyle with the best Italian time never swum with tissue with 21”90. That 30 July changed his life. Tall, blond, blue-eyed and with a beautiful smile, he became one of the swimmer that public and sponsors follow. We had no any swimmer like him in Italy before. On world podium guided by Claudio Rossetto, responsible of Italian speed and guru of Filippo Magnini, training companion in Rome and twice World champion and three times European champion in 100m freestyle. Son of the swimming instructor Guglielmina and railwayman Fabrizio, Dotto began swimming at the age of 6 years: launched in the water, he reached the poolside alone. Since that moment, a lot of strokes until the present successes. He considers water his natural element and he got a Japanese ideogram tattoo. He adores action and adventure movies. On his iPod three music styles: pop, R&B and rap. He loves eating pasta and meat. Also his love life is linked to sport. Ended the relationship with fencer Rossella Flamingo, now he is with sincronette Costanza Di Camillo.

Ilaria Bianchi was born in Castel San Pietro Terme on 6 January 1990. Twice Olympic champion, ranked fifth in London 2012; European and World champion in short course in 2012, she is the Italian record holder in 100m butterfly. Thanks to sacrifice, work and dedication, slings her explosiveness and she flies on water such as her international rivals, that are taller that her 170cm and with a larger wingspan. Trained by federal technician Fabrizio Bastelli – with NC Azzurra 91 group of Mirco Di Tora, Arianna Barbieri, Stefano Mauro Pizzamiglio and Luca Leonardi – she is one of the most interesting athlete in Italian female swimming thanks to her technical skills and her simple and spontaneous communication way. Against star system, she tells about herself with few words and smile irrespective of results. Huge fan of cars and motors, she is in romantic relationship with a mechanic. She loves garnished nails and involves her friends through social networks where it is easy to find photos of her cat.

Gabriele Detti was born in Livorno on 20 August 1994. Since last 8 April he is the European record holder in 800m freestyle in long course, while he conquered a silver in 400m freestyle in 2012 and a bronze in 1500m in 2014 in short course. Versatile, he swims all the distances in mid-distance race and with his friend-rival Gregorio Paltrinieri, shares the coach, who is his uncle, Stefano morini who called him “minipote”, and the training place, Centro Federale in Ostia. The friendship between “the different Twins” was very important also to obtain other important personal results such as diploma. Fan of Inter football team, he loves to share with his followers a lot of his life moments in and out the pool. He likes music, discotheque and speed cars. Growing champion, some years ago he could give up sport: at the age of 8 years an accident into the sea caused the breaking of fibula. After six months of plaster cast, the rehabilitation in water. From that moment he is no longer out.