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EuroJrs. Popovici star, first time of the year in the 100 freestyle!


No limits for David Popovici. The talented romanian dominates the 100 freestyle in 47"30 and breaks his Junior World Record (previous 47"56 swam in the first lap of the final in the relay). Popovici becomes the faster of the season, better than Russian Kliment Kolesnikov (47"31), American Caeleb Dressel (47"39) and Italian Alessandro Miressi (47"45). Tenth all-time performer, in 47"30 Popovic would be gold medalist at the recent European Championships in Budapest and the 2016 Rio Olympics, silver medalist at the 2017 Budapest World Championships and bronze medalist at the 2019 Gwangju World Championships. Behind the 16-year-old romanian there are the british Edward Milderd, second in 48"77, and the polish Mateusz Chowaniec, third in 49"37. 
The afternoon program of the third day of the European Junior Championships in Rome opens with the 100 breaststroke final. The winner is the ukrainian Volodymyr Lisovets' in 1'00"28, who wins ahead lithuanian Aleksas Savickas in 1'01"29 and italian Simone Cerasuolo, bronze medalist in 1'01"56.
In the 100 backstroke Erika Gaetani thrilled the audience at the Swimming Stadium. The Italian wins gold with a personal best time of 1'00"65; with her on the podium, second ex-aequo in 1'00"93, french Mary-Ambre Moluh and british Katie Shanahan, the winner of 400 mixed. 
Turkish Berke Saka got gold medal in 200 medley in 2'00"04; with him on the podium were ukrainian Vadym Naumenko in 2'00"65 and german Cedric Buessing in 2'01"84.
Super performance for russian Anastasia Markova, who won 200 butterfly setting the Championship Record by 2'08"41; silver went to Bosnian Lana Pudar with the time of 2'09"59 and bronze to french Lucie Delmas in 2'10"42.
The 1500 freestyle was won by turkish Mert Kilavuz in 15'02"22; behind him hungarian David Betlehem in 15'02"28 and another turkish, Yigit Aslan, who took bronze in 15'05"08.
At the end, russian Aleksei Tkachev (54"84), Georgii Glazunov (1'01"86), Daria Klepikova (58"89) and Daria Tatarinova (54"66) won the 4x100 medley mixed in 3'50"25. The silver went to british team composed by Katie Shanahan (1'01"75), Harvey Freeman (1'02"62), Edward Mildred (52"14) and Davis Evelyn (54"97) in 3'51"48 and the bronze to ukrainian one with Oleksandr Zheltyakov (54"44), Volodymyr Lisovets' (1'01"55), Viktoriya Kostromina (1'01"62) and Karyna Snitko (56"42) in 3'54"03.

Semi-finals. Russian Josif Miladinov and transalpine Justine Delmas were the fastest respectevely in 100 butterfly by 51"86 and 200 breaststroke in 2'25"12. In 50 backstroke the best time was set by Polish Ksawery Masiuk in 25"21, aiming the second gold after winning the 100 backstroke. This was followed by 200 freestyle with the best time set by hungarian Laura Veres in 1'59"03. After taking bronze in 100 at the start of the day, italian Simone Cerasuolo swam the best time in 50 breaststroke by 27"61.

Podiums of the third day 

Men's 100m breaststroke
1. Volodymyr Lisovets' (Ukr) 1'00''28
2. Aleksas Savickas (Ltu) 1'01''29
3. Simone Cerasuolo (Ita) 1'01''56

Women's 100m backstroke
1. Erika Gaetani (Ita) 1'00''65
2. Mary-Ambre Moluh (Fra) 1'00''93
2. Katie Shanahan (Gbr) 1'00''93

Men's 200m medley
1. Berke Saka (Tur) 2'00''04
2. Vadym Naumenko (Ukr) 2'00''65
3. Cedric Buessing (Ger) 2'01''84

 Women's 200m butterfly
1. Anastasiia Markova (Rus) 2'08''41 CR
2. Lana Pudar (Bih) 2'09''59
3. Lucie Delmas (Fra) 2'10''42

Men's 100m freestyle
1. David Popovici (Rou) 47''30 WJ-EJ-CR
2. Edward Mildred (Gbr) 48''77
3. Mateusz Chowaniec (Pou) 49''37

Mixed 4x100 medley
1. Russia 3'50''25
Aleksei Tkachev 54''84, Georgii Glazunov 1'01''86, Daria Klepikova 58''89, Daria Tatarinova 54''66
2. Great Britain 3'51''48
Katie Shanahan 1'01''75, Harvey Freeman 1'02''62, Edward Mildred 52''14, Davis Evelyn 54''97
3. Ukraine 3'54''03
Oleksandr Zheltyakov 54''44, Volodymyr Lisovets' 1'01''55, Viktoriya Kostromina 1'01''62, Karyna Snitko 56''42

Shown below the best results of the third day's semi-finals

Men's 100m butterfly
Josif Miladinov (Rus) 51''86

Women's 200m breaststroke
Justine Delmas (Fra) 2'25''12

Men's 50m backstroke
Ksawery Masiuk (Pol) 25''21

Women's 200m freestyle
Laura Veres (Hun) 1'59''03

Men's 50m breaststroke
Simone Cerasuolo (Ita) 27''61

Credit Photo Andrea Masini / DBM