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Domenica, 25 Giugno 2017

Sette Colli. Flash quotes day 3

Shown below the flash quotes of the third day of the 54th edition of Sette Colli / International Swimming Trophy, taking place at the Swimming Stadium in Rome.

Men's backstroke 200m
Peter Bernek (gold medalist): "I hoped to reach this time. I am training with my coach to increase my performance to participate in the next competitions". 
Luke Greenbank (bronze medalist): "I am very happy of my result that I hoped. I did my best. I feel more confident for my participation in World Championships". 
Women's backstroke 200m
Kata Burian (gold medalist): "I am not so satisfied of my time, but it is good anyway in this moment. I am so excited to participate in the World Championships even if it will be my second World Championships. Overall my conditions are good". 
Sian Whittaker (silver medalist): "I am so happy to be here in this wonderful city. My time is good but not enough for my qualification to World Championships". 
Margherita Panziera (bronze medalist): "I hoped to reach a better time, because during my trainings I swim one second faster. I feel better than the absolute, and I can't explain this performance". 
Men's butterfly 50m
Andriy Govorov (gold medalist): "I am so satisfied of my first placing and of my physical condition. I feel very confidence for my participation in World Championships.  Sette Colli is a wonderful competition and being here is always a pleasure for me because I lived here in Italy for a short period". 
Nicholas Santos (silver medalist): "My physical condition is good but i have to train more with my legs to participate in Budapest Championships. I love Italy and I visit it several times. Meeting with Pope gave me great emotions". 
Ben Proud (bronze medalist): "Overall I am satisfied of my time, but I am more satisfied for my training for Budapest. I feel very good". 
Women's butterfly 200m
 Liliana Szilagyi (gold medalist): "I didn't expect this time. I hoped to swim faster, but I am very tired. anyway I am ready for the World Championships. I adore Rome and Sette Colli. Swimming in this swimming pool is always wonderful". 
Zsuzsanna Jakabos (bronze medalist): "I am very tired because of several races. But I am satisfied of my performance". 
Men's breaststroke 200m
Marco Koch (gold medalist): "I think that the time is good, but I hoped to swim better. I will participate in another competition to arrive to Budapest in my best conditions". 
Luca Pizzini (silver medalist): "This year gave me good results such as the one reached today. Comparing to great champions is always a stimulus to do my best. I think to increase my performance in the future".
Women's breaststroke 200m
Molly Renshaw (gold medalist): "I am so happy of my excellent result and I didn't expect to win on Pedersen. This is my first here in Italy and at Sette Colli". 
Martina Moravcikova (bronze medalist): "I am very satisfied of my performance: I feel ready for the World Championships. Rome is a so fascinating city". 
Men's freestyle 100m
Bruno Fratus (silver medalist): "I am very tired. The atmosphere here in Rome is so wonderful. Swimming at Foro Italico gives me the stimulus to do my best". 
James Magnussen (bronze medalist): "I didn't swim in my best way because I am very tired. But I enjoyed the competition a lot". 
Women's freestyle 50m
Pernille Blume (gold medalist): "This results makes me very happy. Winning on Kromowidjojo is always very difficult. I will train for the World Championships in my best way, and I will try to improve my performance". 
Ranomi Kromowidjojo (silver medalist): "I am not satisfied of my performance. I will come back at home to recover my energies for my participation in the World Championshipos. I love Sette Colli that is a fantastic competition". 
Tamara Van Vliet (bronze medalist): "My time is not the one I expected. My performance decreased compared to the last race. I will continue to train to improve myself".
Men's individual medley 200m
Daiya Seto (gold medalist): "I am satisfied of my time, that is one of my best time in my last period. I know that I could improve my performance and I will train in my best way for the World  Championships". 
David Verraszto (silver medalist): "This race was very difficult but I am happy because finally I can recover my energies. Swimming here is a wonderful experience". 
Women's individual medley 200m
Siobhan-Marie O'Connor (gold medalist): "This is my first time here at Sette Colli and I am very happy. I have positive feelings for Budapest: I wanna win the gold medal". 
Maria Ugolkova (silver medalist): "I am very happy because I reached the Swiss record. My physical conditions are very good before the World Championships. This swimmimng pool is so fascinating". 
Kotuku Ngawati (bronze medalist): "I felt good in the water. This is my first time in Rome and I love it. I am training in my best way for the World Championships, in particular in freestyle". 
Men's freestyle 800m
Jan Micka (gold medalist): "I am very satisfied of my performance even if I am very tired. I didn't swim in my best conditions". 
Gergely Gyurta (silver medalist): "I felt good enough into water, but I am not completely in my best conditions for my participation in the World Championships. I adore the Italian weather. Rome is one of my favourite cities".